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Care Guide: Pilling

What's The Cause of Pilling?
Pilling tends to occur due to the friction of different or harsh materials rubbing against each other in the wash or drying machine. Pilling can be caused by other different materials in the cycle such as zippers, hooks, buttons, velcro, and clothes of heavier material (e.g. jeans).

Pilling on clothes is something that can not be prevented as it can happen over time depending on the materials or what's been included during the washing or drying cycle that can cause pilling sooner or later.

Pilling may also occur outside of washing or drying as personal use can also be a factor depending if used for activities, work, and environmental elements.

Pilling Solution/Prevention
To remove pilling we suggest pill removers, fabric shavers, and de-pilling combs that can be used to remove pilling and lint. To prevent pilling from happening sooner we would highly suggest washing clothes of the same material together, having clothes inside out, and having fastened zippers, hooks, buttons, and velcro to prevent rubbing onto other clothes.

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