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Q. How To Add SMS Coupon To An Order?

Uniqlo Canada - Add SMS Coupon

After signing up for UNIQLO text messages, you will receive a coupon code, example: 31**75**16**2 (13 digit)

Kindly reminder of the coupon conditions before beginning the procedure
- $5 off $50 purchase
- Online use only
- The coupon will not show in your Uniqlo wallet
- Cannot be combined with any other offers
- Coupon has no cash value.
- Other restrictions may apply check the "Details" before applying the coupon to your checkout.

Please follow the steps:

1) When you have finished with your shopping, please go to the checkout page.

2) Click the COUPON  button on your checkout page


3) Enter the coupon code (1) and the push the ADD button (2)


4) A pop-up message will show to confirm you have succeeded to add the coupon, you can close the window by clicking on OK


5) Select the coupon from the list of available coupons in your account


6) The status of the coupon will change to "selected", you can click on APPLY and then RETURN TO CART


7) The order amount will be updated once you are on the payment page, and the coupon that you have applied will appear.


Important notes error message:

- "Selected coupon does not meet the minimum order amount", it means that in your cart you have not reached the minimum $50 amount (without taxes) to use the coupon.


- "Unable to add this coupon to the list", it means your coupon has already expired.


Please contact a live agent in case you think there was an error, you can scroll down to this page and click CHAT SUPPORT

For more information about membership, please click here!


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