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Q. What Are "Packaged" Items?

Uniqlo Canada - Packaged Item Policy

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UNIQLO is committed to maintaining product quality for the health of its customers. Therefore, we cannot accept open packaged products for return or exchange. Packaged products include, and are not limited to, Pajamas, Drape, Baby products, Heattech, Airism, leggings, bedding and products both sealed in paper or plastic with a hanger.

Here are some examples of items with a packaging: 

1) Products with strap packaging, for example pajamas, drape pants, and other lounge wear products

2) Products in paper packaging, for example relaco pants, dry package t-shirts, Airism crew neck cotton t-shirts. Heattech etc..
paper packaging

3) Products with seals for example baby products, and underwear.

4) Products in plastic box, bedding items, other accessories

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