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Care Guide: Jeans

Jeans are a unique garment as they increase in value over time.
A pair of well-worn jeans are a dream to own.

Denim should be washed infrequently; ideally, you can go months without washing your jeans.
Instead, air them as often as you can, and spray with fabric freshener if they've caught unwanted smells.
And if you need to clean them, wash your jeans inside out on a gentle spin cycle in and in cold water.
Use a detergent specially made for denim. Never tumble dry; instead, hang them up or lay them flat.

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Sashiko Stitch: Visible Mending

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese stitching technique that is both functional and decorative. It's used to create an intricate embroidered design or visibly mend a garment.


Fix a Pocket Hole Hole

A simple technique that uses a running stitch to repair the hole in the bottom of a trouser pocket.


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