**REDEMPTION UPDATE: Instead of store pick-up, all HEATTECH Items will be mailed to your registered address in UNIQLO Canada membership. Please contact our customer service at wecare@uniqlo.ca if you have any enquiries, thank you very much!*

1. Google Form Application
Redeem your unique code for 2 HEATTECH Items here

2. Create your Uniqlo Membership ID!
If you haven't done so yet, click here to become a Uniqlo App Member!
Please be reminded to update your profile with the correct mailing & email address to receive notifications regarding the coupon.

-    Each unique HEATTECH code is eligible to redeem 2 HEATTECH items as designated on the digital redemption form. You must have a valid UNIQLO Canada ID in order to participate in the redemption.
-    Each UNIQLO Canada ID and unique HEATTECH code is only eligible for redemption once.
-    Your UNIQLO Canada ID will be collected in the designated form for identity verification and anti-fraud purposes. All personal data record will be deleted 30 days after campaign completion.
-    By proceeding with the redemption, you consent to your personal information registered with UNIQLO Canada to be used in the redemption process.
-    Redemption coupon will only be applicable to select HEATTECH Items specified in the redemption form.
-    Redemption coupon is valid for single-use only. No value will be awarded upon return of any items.
-    Registration period of the HEATTECH code on the designation digital form is from 27 Oct 2023 (00:00 EST) to 29th Oct 2023 (23:59 EST). All applications after the period will not be processed.
-    Awarded coupons will be mailed to your registered address and notified via registered UNIQLO Canada ID email. Please ensure your mailing address and email address in your UNIQLO Canada ID is accurate.
-    You would only be able to redeem the designated items with the physical coupon from the your selected UNIQLO store from 1st Dec 2023–31st Jan 2024.
-    Please contact UNIQLO Canada customer service if you have any questions.
-    UNIQLO Canada reserves the final right in case of any disputes.


How do I redeem my HEATTECH items? 
You should have receive a pamphlet from the ski resort booth during the 2023 Toronto Ski & Snowboard show. At the bottom right corner of the pamphlet, you will be able to locate your unique 10-digit HEATTECH code. Redeem your items by filling out the designated digital form above. You would need to register:

1) Your unique 10-digit HEATTECH code
2) UNIQLO Canada Membership ID
3) Select your preferred HEATTECH items
4) Select your desired store redeem item. 

We will verify your redemption details and will send out a physical coupon to your mailing address after the redemption has been confirmed. Please be reminded to update your UNIQLO Canada mailing & email address if you have not yet done so.

The coupon will be valid for product pick-up in your pre-selected store from 1st Dec 2023–31st Jan 2024. Please bring along the designated HEATTECH items to checkout and a member of staff will be able to help process the redemption. 

Could I redeem other items? 
No, only selected HEATTECH items specified on the redemption form are available. Your final selection will also be specified on the physical coupon.

Could I return the redeemed items? 
The selected HEATTECH items do not carry any monetary value and are not valid for any exchange or returns. 

Could I change the store pick-up location? 
No, changes cannot be made to the store pick-up location. You would be able to pick up the items from the designated store during 1st Dec 2023–31st Jan 2024, kindly select a store that best suits your needs.

Who can I reach if I have further questions? 

Please reach out to the UNIQLO Canada Customer Service team if you have any other questions. 


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