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Q. Dragon Ball UT Box Purchase

Applicable to UNIQLO Canada only.

We're happy to announce the Dragon Ball Box will be available Online May 25th, 2023!

The Dragon Ball UT Complete Box contains a set of all seven T-shirts from "Son Goku Boy Arc" to "Buu Arc". It also includes exclusive stickers and a box featuring Goku and Krillin. It is available ONLY online.

The inner lid of the box that contains the 7 T-shirts  is an original AR (augmented reality) sheet. It can be enjoyed by scanning the 2D barcode inside the box with a camera app and using Instagram's filter function to read the 7 Dragon Balls.

Augmented reality sheet (AR)
size: 390mm x 460mm

Original sticker sheet
size: 200mm x 200mm

It is ONE BOX per person and each box contains one size for all t-shirts so please make sure to choose your preferred size!

Important: All sales of this item are FINAL and cannot be exchanged or returned at any time.

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