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Q. How Long Will Alterations Take?

Uniqlo Canada - Alteration Timeframe

In Store:
 Times will vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer a same day service where we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alternations a store has to do within a day. Ask a member of staff for more information regarding how long it will take for your alteration to be done and they will be able to tell you this there and then. 

Online: If you have an online order that includes any alteration/hemming on pants or jeans, your order may take an additional 4 - 7 business days from the estimated delivery time frame (total 7-12 business days from the estimated delivery time frame). 

Holiday Season Expectations
Alterations should be requested as early as possible if needed during the holiday season. We cannot guarantee time of completion

For more information about Uniqlo Canada's Alteration Services, please click here!

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