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Q. How Much Do Alteration Services Cost?

Uniqlo Canada Alteration Service Price - Online and In Store

We offer a visible "lock" stitch and a hidden "blind" stitch. Details and price differences are listed below:

What is a visible (lock) stitch? 
A standard method that uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior. Depending on the length hemmed, traces of removed stitching may remain. In addition, distressed items will lose the distressing on the part that is hemmed. 
Items above $20 alterations cost FREE
Items below $20 alterations cost $5

What is a hidden (blind) stitch? 
Nearly invisible stitching for a neat look. We recommend this stitch with dressy pants to keep the neat, clean look.  
Items above $20 alterations cost $5 
Items below $20 alterations cost $10 

For more information about Uniqlo Canada's Alteration Services, please click here!

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