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Q. What Happens if I'm Not Home During Delivery?

Uniqlo Canada - FedEx Delivery Procedure

Please note, during this time, all packages will be left at the location provided during your checkout unless otherwise instructed by our carrier.

If the carrier determines that package should not be left at the location requested, they will leave a delivery slip (where possible) informing you of where your package will be held for you to retrieve it. Another delivery attempt by our carrier is uncommon in most areas. 

Please check the area around your requested delivery address as thoroughly as possible for your package or the notification slip left by your carrier to find out where your package is being held. 

Packages that cannot be delivered will be returned and a refund will be processed. We cannot stop this process once it has begun or reship your order.

As stated on our terms and conditions page, a signature is not required for delivery and our carrier has the right to deliver your parcel in a location considered secured.

For more information on Uniqlo Canada delivery details, click here!

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