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Q. Does Uniqlo Deliver to my Address?

Uniqlo Canada - FedEx Delivery Areas

We deliver to most postal areas in Canada. If FedEx is available and delivers to your address, then, yes, we do. Please be sure to check all of the shipping details you've entered before completing your order.

Customers with personal FedEx accounts may be able to manage the delivery of their package. However, our UNIQLO customer service team cannot guarantee delivery support once your package is in the possession of our carrier.

Please note that remote areas may require a few extra days for packages to arrive.  Additionally, we are currently unable to offer/guarantee Next Day or Overnight delivery. Nor do we offer any regularly scheduled weekend deliveries. 

At this time, we are only able to deliver to one address per order. If you would like to send your purchases to multiple addresses, we suggest that you place a separate order for each destination.

For more information on Uniqlo Canada delivery details, click here!

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