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Q. I selected my coupon code but it didn't work

If you find that your coupon code is not working, please check the following:

1. Be sure that you clicked the APPLY button after you selected the coupon you wish to use. If not selected before completing your checkout, it will not be calculated into your order amount.

2. Terms and conditions of each coupon may vary. Only valid coupons may be applied to purchases. If a coupon is no longer valid, it will eventually no longer be visible in your account. Coupons may only be used during one single transaction and cannot be split across multiple purchases. Please note that all coupons will have an expiration date.  

3. Coupon codes are distributed directly to your account and are not sent via email as they cannot be manually inserted on our app or website by users. Make sure you’re using codes that are directly found in your UNIQLO account, otherwise, the coupon will not be applied to the transaction.

4. Promotions found on third party websites are not always endorsed by UNIQLO and are outside of our control. This may result in the offer being invalid or expired. We will not authorize discounts under these circumstances.

5. Please remember that the 'REDEEM' button is ONLY for in-store use. Once clicked, you will have 60 minutes to use the coupon before it expires. We recommend clicking the 'Redeem' button when you at the cash register where you can get additional assistance from sales assistants if needed.

Please note, we are unable to reimburse any discounts that are not applied correctly during checkout. 

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