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Focus Group Event

Uniqlo Canada - Focus Group Program

Hey! You made it to this page, welcome!
Let’s explain what’s going on here: 

What is a focus group Event?

It’s a research method that brings together a few people to provide feedback about targeted products and/or services.

It will help us, UNIQLO Canada, to learn more about expectations and improve what we provide. 

How does it work ?

#1 Uniqlo will send you a FREE product to try.

#2 Put on the product and live your regular life, truly putting it to the test!

#3 You will be invited to join fellow Uniqlo lovers in a group discussion about the product tested!

How to join the focus group Event?

Please complete this form and a Uniqlo member will contact you if you have been selected. A few steps to follow to have the chance to participate in a focus group: 

#1 Complete this pre-selection form

#2 Keep an eye out for an email from us (check your spam folder regularly too, just in case)

#3 Confirm your shipping information and your desired sizes with us

#4 Receive your free UNIQLO item(s) and wear it in any setting that you want! Test it!

#5 Join us to share your experience with that item.

What is the free item that I’ll receive?

The item will vary depending on what we decide to focus on for the next group event. 

You will not receive a random item, it will also be based on your preferences, completed in the pre-selection form (link to the form), and your availability to join the focus group event. 

How do we know when and where is the focus group event happening?

We will contact you with these pieces of information if you are selected after completing the pre-selection form

What are the rules and regulations for this campaign?

You can find all the information needed on this link .

If I am not selected, what do you do with the information I provided in the form? 

Information will be kept internal and for data analysis. We will keep in mind your preferences and maybe select you for another focus group. 

Any other questions?

Please contact the customer service team via email at wecare@uniqlo.ca

We hope to see you in our discussion group and we wish you Good Luck!


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